Make Reading in Class More Like Social Media 

Sometimes good ideas pop up seemingly from nowhere! I was just finishing up participating in a Twitter chat (#CowetaEdChat), and I remembered that I downloaded a kindle book I really should read. Why haven’t I started reading it yet? Well, because, frankly, reading is fun, but Twitter is addictive. You can interact with people, get…… Continue reading Make Reading in Class More Like Social Media 

Edtech! Not Just Tech…

I’ve been thinking a lot about Bill Ferriter’s “Technology is a Tool, NOT a Learning Outcome” image, especially after his recent blog post responding to critics, because it was very timely in my summer journey to learn more about technology to use in my classroom this coming year. The word “wrong” struck me very strongly…… Continue reading Edtech! Not Just Tech…

Tribes: Integrating with Edtech

Where Are All the Tribes Schools? Finished! Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities is 400+ pages of philosophy, pedagogy, classroom implementation and institutional change. The book also contains a large resource in the back of cooperative strategies and energizer activities. As I read the book, the thoughts that kept running through my head were:…… Continue reading Tribes: Integrating with Edtech

Popplet Lite

I decided to use Popplet Lite to brainstorm some of its possible uses in the classroom. I came up with quite a few ideas pretty quickly! This is a free, very simple to use app with great potential. The lite version allows you to save the Popplet as a jpg in your iPad's photo library.… Continue reading Popplet Lite

One Follower! Celebrity!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the purposes of starting this blog was to model responsible and engaged digital citizenship for my students. That being said…I have a follower! Now…I know I have “followed” dozens of blogs that I don’t read, so I’m not reveling in this follower because I imagine him…… Continue reading One Follower! Celebrity!