What’s Next?

As I reflect on my last year of teaching, there were several things that fundamentally changed the way I teach and function as a teacher: Student Blogging: We used Kidblog.org to build a classroom blog across two sections of fourth graders. Google Drive: I finally discovered a way to organize my files and avoid the…… Continue reading What’s Next?

School’s Out

It’s June 18, and school’s been out for 12 days. Contrary to what others outside the teaching profession might expect, I would guess that teachers young and old have mixed feelings about summer vacation. Sure, we’re counting down the days right beside the students in the last weeks of school. No more alarm clocks! Time!…… Continue reading School’s Out

School. Discovered.

Three years ago my plane skimmed the treetops then landed in the city of Teguciagalpa, Honduras. After the passenger applause abated, I walked out of the airport, scanned the brown and scrubby landscape, and began my first year of teaching. The land of fire, Central America. I’ve since moved to Guatemala and have been teaching…… Continue reading School. Discovered.