Discovery Learning, the Revolutionary War & Colonial North America

I shared a story tonight with colleagues about one distinct period in my life that began when I was a pre-adolescent. As a homeschooler, I had a lot of freedom to investigate topics that interested me. As far as I can guess, I think my fascination with revolutionary and colonial North America came from the fact…… Continue reading Discovery Learning, the Revolutionary War & Colonial North America

Too many tools…too little….

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Too many tools…tool little…. time? knowledge? interest? It is astounding the number of technology related tools that exist and are on-goingly created for education.  Prior to the holidays I attended the CAIS Too many Tools evening… It is a great forum for seeing a quick presentation on…

Lit Circles Revisited

This is a video of students discussing questions from the discussion prompts for the novel Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes. It’s an example of how students have learned the procedures and are now having rich conversations about what they are reading. In the video, the discussion prompt is, “What is something you don’t understand?” One student replied,…… Continue reading Lit Circles Revisited

Student Portfolio Resources

Student Portfolio ResourcesI always appreciate it when people share free resources I can adapt and use in my class. Sometimes, just seeing an example of how someone else did it can spark a completely different idea that will work well for us. In the spirit of sharing, I'm posting a link to a Google folder… Continue reading Student Portfolio Resources

In the thick of it…Third Quarter Recap on Student Growth Portfolios

There’s so much going on right now I don’t even know what to write about!Student Led Conferences are in two weeksI’m helping to pilot a school-wide website portfolio program that ties to school goalsThe end of third quarter is a week awayWe’re finishing up final projects in Social Studies that include Minecraft buildings, Prezis, Hands-on…… Continue reading In the thick of it…Third Quarter Recap on Student Growth Portfolios

Small Talk That Isn’t So Small

A few days ago, one of my students chose a question to ask her classmates in our daily community circle. Every student would get a chance to answer or had the choice to pass if they didn’t want to answer. She stood in a circle of her fifth grade peers and asked, “If there was…… Continue reading Small Talk That Isn’t So Small

When TED Talks Turn Evil

When TED Talks Turn Evil Recently, my dad sent me this link, as he has seen how obsessively I've been watching TED lately. He said, As much as I enjoy TED talks sometimes the simplification gets my goat. Maybe I’m not the only one. I still like them though even if they don’t all pan… Continue reading When TED Talks Turn Evil