Make Reading in Class More Like Social Media 

Sometimes good ideas pop up seemingly from nowhere! I was just finishing up participating in a Twitter chat (#CowetaEdChat), and I remembered that I downloaded a kindle book I really should read. Why haven’t I started reading it yet? Well, because, frankly, reading is fun, but Twitter is addictive. You can interact with people, get…… Continue reading Make Reading in Class More Like Social Media 

Twitter Overload

My thoughts are jumbled. Could be the fact that I have newborn and I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a stretch for three weeks. It could also be because of Twitter. I wasn’t a Twitter fan. I admit. I tried it a few years ago and stopped using it after giving it…… Continue reading Twitter Overload

How Much Tech in School is Too Much?

I wouldn’t have asked myself the question above five years ago. I’ve been passionate about technology in the classroom for as long as I’ve been teaching. I’ve been fortunate to work in an international school also focused on developing tech resources, and my teaching has evolved dramatically in line with this objective. I heard an ECE colleague…… Continue reading How Much Tech in School is Too Much?

Too many tools…too little….

Originally posted on The road to learning:
Too many tools…tool little…. time? knowledge? interest? It is astounding the number of technology related tools that exist and are on-goingly created for education.  Prior to the holidays I attended the CAIS Too many Tools evening… It is a great forum for seeing a quick presentation on…

Tribes: Integrating with Edtech

Where Are All the Tribes Schools? Finished! Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities is 400+ pages of philosophy, pedagogy, classroom implementation and institutional change. The book also contains a large resource in the back of cooperative strategies and energizer activities. As I read the book, the thoughts that kept running through my head were:…… Continue reading Tribes: Integrating with Edtech