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I have a Bachelors of Arts in English and a Masters in Teaching along with a U.S. certification to teach K-8th grade. I have spent the last six years teaching fourth and fifth grade at Colegio Maya in Guatemala City, an amazing international school that delivers a U.S. curriculum with a focus on inquiry learning.

In addition to creating a safe learning environment for my students that fosters creativity, reflection and a growth mindset, I have actively engaged in improving learning for all students as a teacher leader. This past year I worked with colleagues to create our first Professional Growth & Excellence program for teacher development!

This year, I also became a Compass Level 1 educator dedicated to teaching students about sustainability. My long-time passion projects have been finding new ways for students to use technology to improve learning, developing inquiry-based learning projects, and advocating for assessment as and for learning practices.

In addition to the reflection on my practice through my blog, I have also tracked work on professional goals:

Link to my 2013-14 Teaching Portfolio

Link to my 2016-17 Teaching Portfolio

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