Twitter Overload

info overload

My thoughts are jumbled. Could be the fact that I have newborn and I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a stretch for three weeks.

It could also be because of Twitter.

I wasn’t a Twitter fan. I admit. I tried it a few years ago and stopped using it after giving it a shot over the summer. I didn’t understand how it was supposed to turn into my PLN or how it was supposed to help my teaching. I thought, “Everyone says what we already know in 140 characters or less.” For example, “Ss need to be agents in their own learning!” or “PBL gives Ss a chance to solve authentic problems! #PBL.”

I guess I needed some time to understand that it’s not the Tweet. It’s the link IN the tweet that’s usually useful. And you do come across new ideas and discover new trends. If you’re on it enough.

Since I’m on maternity leave, and up all hours of the night, I’ve been on Twitter a lot. I’ve discovered countless resources, found chats I want to join, websites I want to read, bought recommended books on kindle, and on and on.

I’m in Twitter Overload.

What do I do with all this information? Where do I start? I have 20 things I want to read. I started reading about Balanced Literacy and ended up reading about Project Based Learning and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

I’ve been saving PDFs to my drive, and jotting down ideas in a google doc to share with my teaching partner. But still. It’s overwhelming.

I also think the overload has turned into anxiety. I haven’t been doing any of it right. My literacy needs to be more balanced. My projects needs to be more problem-based. Where are SDGs going to fit? I need to redesign all my units top to bottom.

So what to do with Twitter Overload? I’m going to try the following plan:

  1. Take a break for 24 hours and clear my head.
  2. When I pick it up again, I need to pick 2-3 areas I want to learn about in particular and read ONLY about those topics. (This will be tough. If other interesting topics come up, create a list for future reading.)
  3. Decide on a daily Twitter time allowance.
  4. Continue to jot down ideas and save useful resources for the future.
  5. After sufficient time: decide to make no more than 3 changes to start.

I think this will work. I’ve mentioned my three areas of focus already. To be truly productive, I should probably have one area of focus; however, I find these topics all too interesting to drop one. More specifically, I want to find more resources for guided reading, PBL projects with cross-curricular connections and teaching the SDGs.

I think it’s also important to remember: making improvements doesn’t presuppose teaching malpractice. I’m so careful to use growth mindset language with my students. And yet…I guess I’m still out of practice with my self-talk. Good reminder! We’re always getting better or making adjustments. It’s actually an imperative. We know what happens if we don’t.


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