Make Reading in Class More Like Social Media 

Sometimes good ideas pop up seemingly from nowhere! I was just finishing up participating in a Twitter chat (#CowetaEdChat), and I remembered that I downloaded a kindle book I really should read. Why haven’t I started reading it yet? Well, because, frankly, reading is fun, but Twitter is addictive. You can interact with people, get likes on comments, etc. The opportunity to share ideas, appreciate and be appreciated is addictive! (According to science too.)
So what about making a reading assignment more like social media for students once in a while?

My initial thought is to put an article for SS for example in a google doc. Then, students read simultaneously and leave comments using a specified reading response protocol. Like “stickies” for example. After students could debrief in person and add more comments.

I think it could be an interesting strategy to use in some instances for a specific purpose. Student could use their recorded ideas later in a post reading assignment for deeper understanding. (Need to flesh that out.)

I’m sure there’s tech out there that could make the reading even more interactive!


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