Too many tools…too little….

My response to Sharon Plante’s very important questions!

“My questions to all educators…. (and yes I am really looking for responses!)

1. What tech tools do you use and why?

2. What tech tools don’t you use and why?

3. What has helped you embrace technology to impact your teaching and your students learning?”

(On “The road to learning”)

Technology I Use:

Kidblog-because it’s easy, kids like it, it’s a great way to give kids an authentic forum to showcase their work to a wider audience for timely feedback from adults and peers (who they care about more:).

Google Drive-because it’s easy, it makes it really easy to track student work (no heavy notebooks, easy-everywhere access), I can leave comments on particulars which can serve as notes for in-person conferences, I can supply kids with innumerable resources, less paper, easy revisions. Typing makes revision faster and easier to manipulate text for students. Embedded links to websites/videos are possible. You can throw out the Manila folders when storing student work. I can see my students working in real time without looking over their shoulders and identify problem spots quickly.

Math/literacy game apps-(IXL, Factor 7, Letris, etc.) because they’re attractive to students and keep them busy on needed practice skills.

Presentation apps-prezi, educreations and iMovie add interest and create easy to reference lessons and shareable projects.

Animoto, YouTube-because my kids LoVE acting and making videos. They can objectively review their work and and identify areas of success and improvement.

Google Sites- Class Website houses our calendar, weekly homework and resources for parents.

Reference websites like Merriam Webster and history websites like because an online dictionary is easier for kids to use and find kid-friendly definitions, and sometimes we just don’t have the books that talk about the subject my students have chosen to research

Technogy I Don’t Use:

Spelling, history, SS, geography and other random “education” apps-I don’t use them because they rarely connect to my curriculum, and I see them as time-wasters.

Any app where the product is easier done on paper-why complicate things?

Why Use Tech:

Because *most* kids love technology, it provides an extended and trackable way to present, reflect on and communicate about learning.

The road to learning

Too many tools…tool little….




It is astounding the number of technology related tools that exist and are on-goingly created for education.  Prior to the holidays I attended the CAIS Too many Tools evening…

It is a great forum for seeing a quick presentation on some tools fellow educators are using in Connecticut Independent Schools and gave me some great things to go home and explore.  Around the same time #satchat (a fabulous Twitter chat that every educator should at least lurk in) had a great session on technology tools, that had me adding to list of what to check out during my December break. Of course break came and went without me pulling out my list.  Sometimes it seems so daunting all the tools that are available for educators.  Twitter, Pinterest, LiveBinders, Edmodo/Schoology/Haiku, Nearpod, Livescribe, apps, Web 2.0 Tools…the list is endless and overwhelming, and I…

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