Student Portfolio Resources

Student Portfolio Resources

I always appreciate it when people share free resources I can adapt and use in my class. Sometimes, just seeing an example of how someone else did it can spark a completely different idea that will work well for us. In the spirit of sharing, I’m posting a link to a Google folder with all the documents I’ve used this year (or plan to use) for both our Class Growth Portfolios and the School Wide Portfolio Project. (Just click on the link above!)

Resources Included:

Class Growth Portfolios

1. Quality Work Tables for Each Subject We Used to Set Goals

2. Student Guide for Goal Setting Conference with Parents

3. Outline of Portfolio Process

4. Portfolio Artifact Reflection

5. Guidelines for Saving Work in a Working Folder

6. Introduction to Google Drive

7. Guidelines for Using Google Drive

8. Student Guide for Final Student-Led Conference (Sharing Final Portfolio w/Parents)


School Wide Portfolio Project

1. Portfolio Introduction Guidelines and Outline

2. Artifact Selection Guidelines

3. Artifact Posting Guidelines (To a Google Site with Portfolio Blog Tabs)

4. Final Reflection Guidelines and Outline


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