Favorite TED Videos – YouTube

I’ve always loved TED videos. If I’m bored or procrastinating, there’s always a bit of insight waiting around the corner in a TED talk ready to pick you up, motivate you, get you thinking, or simply entertain. I’ve put together a favorites list in YouTube of the best TED talks I’ve watched over the last few years.

Another thing I love about TED talks is that they’re my secret way to “work” without working. Sometimes, no matter how passionate I am about teaching, I just want a break. I want to watch, read or experience things that are just for me and not about my job. A couple of my favorite videos are directly about education. However, many of them are not. A theme you’ll see in this playlist, however, is that they’re all about things that matter in our adult lives, but also matter just as much in kid’s lives. By listening to and thinking of these issues from an adult standpoint, I often find that I’ll make connections to teaching and education.

Many of them come off the 100 most viewed list, so they’re widely known already. Some aren’t on that list. Regardless of whose list they’re on, these are the talks that have inspired me the most.


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