Talking About Collections: Setting Up Student Portfolios

This week, my 5th grade students and I have been preparing to begin collecting work for growth portfolios. We began the week by talking about collections.

  • What kinds of things to people collect?
  • Why do the collect them?
  • Why do they chose particular items?

Students came up with some cool, far-out ideas…bones, blood…along with more traditional ones…stamps, state quarters, rocks, shells..etc.

The next day each child brought in an item from a personal or family member’s collection and explained why that piece was chosen.

They identified specific reasons why someone might choose an item:

  • It’s unique in its category
  • It’s meaningful because it sparks a memory
  • It’s meaningful because it appeals to personal taste

We began this way to draw some personal connections to collections they are already familiar with.

Next? Determine criteria for quality work…!


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