Creating Videos in iMovie for iPad

After spending an obscene amount of time making a movie in iMovie today, I think I understand better the capabilities and limitations of this iPad app.

I like iMovie because it’s fairly simple to use, and you can share projects to YouTube or your camara roll.

I did meet with frustration when working with audio. I had a really hard time editing and adjusting music to line up with specific frames and ended up leaving the music under all clips. It just didn’t work the way I expected. Perhaps I need to play with it some more.

Also, after creating a “trailer,” I had it in my mind that I and my students would be able to create projects with a similarly professional polish to them. Turns out that the theme and transition options seem quite limited. Again, I started today knowing nothing, so maybe these features are there, but it should be noted that if so, they’re hidden in a quite infuriating fashion.

In the end, it’s a simple tool with basic editing features for $4.99. You can thread stills and video clips together, and add voice over, theme music and sound effects. Proper fades, and polished transitions are harder to do.

I’m always learning, so if you have ideas about how to address some of the issues I’ve mentioned, please comment!

Below is my first iMovie project. I’ve left the video rough, and I’m quite embarrassed by some of the clips, but my idea is that we’ll be able to use this to discuss important issues like camera angle, lighting, music, visual variety and action. In other words, this is all lacking in this video, and I want my students to have the chance to identify these issues and keep them in mind while creating their own projects.

It also should be noted that I could have done something with my hair…


My Movie


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