Leave Voice Feedback on Google Docs

Docs Voice Comments

This is a video by Jennifer Roberts. I originally saw her speak in a video of a workshop by Sam Patterson at ISTE13 about Best Digital Tools for Writing Workshop.

Essentially, this video discusses Voice Comments, an app that you can add to Chrome and works with your Google Drive. Once added, you can left click on a document in Drive and record your voice making comments about the text. In the context of the workshop, the presenters were discussing its use as a way to give feedback on writing.

One thing I discovered while playing with this app: voice comments are only available for Google Docs, not Word Docs or other file types. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting feature.

This past year in working with Kidblog, it was soon clear that it’s developmentally difficult for elementary students to internalize written comments even if they are specific and attached to the work. I would write feedback on their work in comments on their blog posts, but in the end, they served as notes for our face-to face conference, and sometimes I would include a to-do list that I could check off with the student. It would be interesting to see if Voice Comments could help them interpret and follow written comments. My feeling is that it could work in some circumstances, but the need for students to have a face-to-face discussion about their writing with a chance to ask questions and review ideas in person is very strong. We’ll see!


One thought on “Leave Voice Feedback on Google Docs

  1. I haven’t tried this yet, but still would like to! I think, ultimately, it could be more useful for final assessments. A recording of my voice giving them feedback attached to a rubric, for instance, could be an interesting use for this tool.

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