Popplet Lite


I decided to use Popplet Lite to brainstorm some of its possible uses in the classroom. I came up with quite a few ideas pretty quickly!

This is a free, very simple to use app with great potential. The lite version allows you to save the Popplet as a jpg in your iPad’s photo library. What I like about this is that students can then upload them to their blogs. It’s important to be aware that once you clear a Popplet from your app to begin a new one, you can’t go back edit.

Last year, i loved the idea of using apps instead of paper and pencil to add variety to our projects, but their use seemed so time-consuming at times. This would also be great to use when time is limited as it doesn’t require login, and the choices are limited, so it’s great for a no frills, quick activity. Students can also email them to you as a way of turning it in.

A similar app with a few more features is Inspiration Maps Lite. It comes with loadable templates and is visually a little more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Popplet Lite

  1. We haven’t used Popplet this year yet. It’s an interesting app, but since the functionality is basically making a web, I haven’t been driven to use it. I try to keep in mind that my ultimate goal for use of technology in the classroom is that it adds “something special” to the way we share and communicate. This feels to me like a process easily done with paper and pencil transferred to an iPad.

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