ASCDs PDOnline Course: Getting Started with Student Portfolios

I just finished! the ASCD PDOnline course “Getting Started with Student Portfolios.” It took me about three intensive full-day sessions with time in between to digest and do other research.

Overall, this course was very helpful, and at $99 it was very affordable. I was able to download every resource article as I went, so now I have a treasure trove of useful resources to revisit when necessary.

The course was divided into six modules, and the general format of each module was a short video, several articles, a journal reflection, a module application assignment, a module overview and a short, multiple-choice assessment.

It was a LOT of reading. I would have preferred to have it broken up with more videos; however, the the breadth of information the articles provided was excellent.

If I had to name five takeaways:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Infographic: Student Portfolios

Another takeaway happened after the course when I was beginning to set up my own portfolio to use as a model and in collaboration with my students. I began writing my introductory letter and setting up some other features when I realized that my outline for students didn’t work for me exactly. I needed and wanted to add other elements. It made me think about how this will likely happen to my students too. In order to truly give them ownership, they’re going to need time and space to experiment with the general guidelines and adapt them to suit their individual needs and wishes. It’s going to be an interesting process.

Here’s a link to what I’ve set up so far.


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