SOLE Ted Talk

Sugata Mitra introduced his idea of the SOLE at a Ted Conference. I’m quite ambivalent about this idea, that is, passionately torn. I’m very wary of ideas like this that encourage people to think about success in education coming from one strategy. In some ways, the idea of the SOLE resonates with my anti-school tendencies. It’s true that I learned a lot as a child from self-directed discovery. This concept is also at the heart of inquiry-based learning. The educated teacher with an MAT inside of me petulantly resists, however, and is a bit prickly. This feels like a Montessori school with a technological bent. I realize that part of his argument is that teachers with masters degrees (or otherwise qualified) are often not available in poverty stricken areas. This set aside for the moment as a separate issue, what about the research that shows children (not to mention adults) learn from modeling and high-quality feedback? In the end, I would love to try a SOLE with iPads next year as an organizing structure for a research project. It will not, however, replace all the other strategies I’ve seen work and experienced be rewarding and successful.


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