School’s Out

It’s June 18, and school’s been out for 12 days. Contrary to what others outside the teaching profession might expect, I would guess that teachers young and old have mixed feelings about summer vacation. Sure, we’re counting down the days right beside the students in the last weeks of school. No more alarm clocks! Time! Time to take walks, to go to the gym, to garden, to try cooking something besides pasta, to read the books I’m going to teach next year, to read books NOT of the young adult variety…However, with lots of time comes lots of responsibility. It’s easy to put things off when your time is limited. If you put them off when your time is endless, well, then…I’ve been saying I want to learn to garden, but now that I have the time, do I really want to? And although this is no epiphany, as a relatively new teacher, I’ve realized anew that I have neglected actually developing any single hobby that’s not related to teaching. Time is a slippery beast. The more you have, the easier it is to waste. This is not to say that I expect anyone who is not a teacher to entertain a single ounce of pity. I’m only expecting to get nods of understanding from others in similarly seasonal or project-based work: writers, ski instructors, cruise ship entertainers…The only thing I have to say to everyone else is…Sorry! with a somewhat satisfied smirk.

So it comes down to this. A blog. I was a journal-writer when I was younger, a poet, a journalist, a playwright (in the way a teenager is apt to try professions like stick-on labels), so I’m not new to writing, but I’ve never successfully maintained a blog outside the classroom. The motivations and reasons behind this project are varied and span the professional and personal. Part of the motivation is time. I have time to invest this summer, and I want to capture thoughts about living in Guatemala, teaching and learning. The purpose of this blog is to reflect on my teaching, hopefully connect with other educators outside of Guatemala, and collect resources I can use in one place for easy reference. Mostly, for now, I’m planning to repost links from others that I’ve found to be useful tools. Maybe, as I gain momentum, I can also post ideas of my own. The other motivating factor is to establish an online presence (however wallpaperish it is) to model for my students what responsible digital citizenship looks like. Right now, if you google my name, you will mostly likely come up with a link to an Onion article about a record store girl who breaks hearts with cold disdain. Since this reference is purely circumstantial, I’m hoping to expand.


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